Estimate the total time remaining to complete the job

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A manager wants to estimate the remaining time that will be needed to complete a five  unit job. The initial unit of the job required 12 hours, and the work has a learning percentage of 77. Estimate the total time remaining to complete the job.

Reference no: EM13917467

Doing international business

Please respond to the following: From the case study and e-Activity, differentiate between the major benefits and potential pitfalls of sourcing from Thailand for Blades after

What are implications for the structure of this organization

Choose an article from Business Week, Fortune, Forbes, Fast Company, or any other well-known publication that deals with a corporation that has undergone a significant change

Planning to interview shoppers in shopping mall

Assume you are planning to interview shoppers in a shopping mall about their views on increased food prices and what the federal government should do about them. In what diffe

Recognizing the value of keeping employees healthy

More and more employers are recognizing the value of keeping employees healthy. Some companies have their own in house wellness programs, gyms or gym memberships. Advocates of

Persuasion model and four persuasion factors

Think about McGuire’s Persuasion Model and its four persuasion factors: 1. Source 2. Message 3. Channel 4. Receiver Which one of these four factors is most important to advert

Discuss possible components to an expatriate career package

Discuss possible components to an expatriate career package which would make this move more attractive. Explain principles of non male efficiency, beneficence, autonomy also j

Define enterprise resource planning

Research an ERP system or an ERP software application, and address the following: In your own words, define enterprise resource planning (ERP). Provide the name of the ERP sys

Explain debt and equity financing

Explain Debt and Equity Financing. How are these two forms of financing different? Provide an example for each form of financing. Given the current low interest rate, would yo


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