Estimate the time for the billet to cool

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A billet of stainless steel, AISI 316, with a diameter of 150 mm and a length of 500 mm emerges from a heat treatment process at 200°C and is placed in an unstirred oil bath maintained at 20°C.

(a) Determine whether it is advisable to position the billet in the bath with its centerline horizontal or vertical in order to decrease the cooling time.

(b) Estimate the time for the billet to cool to 30°C for the preferred arrangement.

Reference no: EM131337275

Fiber-epoxy matrix composite

1. Is  it  possible  to  produce  a  continuous  and oriented  aramid  fiber-epoxy  matrix  composite  having  longitudinal  and  transverse moduli of elasticity of 35 GPa (

Find the work and heat transfer for each process

Air in piston/cylinder at 200 kPa, 600K is expanded in a constant-pressure process to twice the initial volume (state 2). At this point, the piston is locked with a pin and

Evaluate the coefficient of kinetic friction

Determine the coefficient of kinetic friction µ,k be- tween the cable and the pipes, the maximum ten- sion T in the cable between the pipes, and the sag h in the cable.

Design problem - piston and flywheel

Design Problem - Piston and Flywheel : Analyze the motion of the crankshaft AB and flywheel for 0 ≤ θ ≤ 4Π (two complete rotations of the crankshaft, or all four cycles, begi

Define a needs analysis based on the design brief

A needs analysis based on the design brief, common knowledge of light aircraft and model aircraft, and your imagination that surfaces the stakeholders, system context, at le

Discuss kpov and kpiv in each example or project

Identify the type of projects in Healthcare where Six Sigma can be used. Explain how Six Sigma tools are used in the Healthcare projects. Give specific examples in Healthcare

Calculate the thickness of the gear tooth measured

A 20-tooth spur gear with a diametral pitch of 6 meshes with a 55-tooth gear. Determine the value of the standard center distance. Also calculate the thickness of the gear t

Find an expression for the tension in the cord

The mass of the shaft and collar may be neglected. The cord keeps the rod at an initial angle of 30? with the vertical while the shaft is initially rotating freely at angula


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