Estimate the storm precipitation for station x for condition

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Precipitation station X was inoperative for part of a month during which a storm occurred. The respective storm at the three surrounding stations A,B and C were 98,80 and 110mm. Estimate the storm precipitation for station X for the following conditions. The distance between station X with stations A,B and c is 15 miles, 73 miles and 36 miles. Use the National Weather Service Method

Reference no: EM13299618

Determine the transmissivity through a confined aquifer

A 12-in well is drilled through a confined aquifer of average thickness 80 ft. Two observation wells located 50 and 120 ft away register a difference in drawdown of 10 ft. T

Draw a framing plan and typical connections for the building

Use the preliminary structural design information given in this chapter to help determine the column spacing, the types of elements to use, and the depths of the elements. D

Calculate the fiber weight fraction

For unidirectional carbon/epoxy tape at a 60% fiber volume fraction, calculate E11 and E22. Given Ef= 211 GPa and Em =10 GPa. Calculate the fiber weight fraction. Given pf=1.9

Write material balance to describe rate of change in amount

Draw a diagram of the room with all of the important parameters noted with symboles. Write a material balance to describe the rate of change in the amount of benzene in the

Convert the formula so that q is in gallons per minute

The flow of water over a weir, can be computed by Q=5.35LH^(3/2), where Q is the volume low rate of water in cubic feet per second, L is the length of weir in feet, and H is

What is the first-order rate constant for decay of bod

A 1.0 × 106 gallon reactor is used in a sewage-treatment plant. The influent biochemical oxygen demand (BOD) concentration is 100 mg/L, the effluent BOD concentration is 25

Calculate the flow rate in the pipe between the reservoirs

Two reservoirs are connected by a pipeline. The pipeline is 1 m in diameter and has a friction factor of 0.03. The elevation difference between the reservoirs is 30 m. The t

Find the solution of the ivp by solving the de

After the Christmas break one student returns carrying a flu virus. Assume that the rate at which the virus spreads is proportional to the number of infected students P(t),


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