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You are to determine what you are going to make for Easter Dinner, to include 10 items. These items can be anything holiday related, but must have steps involved in their production. This is your mission, goal and objective of the project.

You will assign tasks, as project manager, and determine the time required for each task, as well as the start and end time of each. Assign priorities, factors that may influence the success/failure of each task, and other contributing issues.

Graphically, represent how these tasks contribute to the overall project. You can use a Gantt chart, PERT diagram or other recognized method.

Estimate the overall cost of the project in terms of materials, utilities, labor, etc. Remember, often you have unexpected delays, cost overruns, etc. that influence your project success.

Address the factors that may influence your project’s success and how you will deal with each.

Finally, describe the ramifications of project failure in terms of costs, reputation, loss of business, loan repayment schedule, and other such items. Apply these to your overall cost and estimate their effects.

Create a linear responsibility chart.

Develop a project work breakdown structure.

Develop a project schedule.

Develop a project information system.

Create a project monitoring and evaluation system.

Reference no: EM132184524

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