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Estimate the number of locations that can be serviced by one vehicle in one day if the truck volume is 20 cubic yards, density is 250 lb/yd3 for uncompacted refuse, compaction ratio is 2, container volume is 6 yd3, 80% full, site time (loading dumpsters) = 15 minutes, drive time between locations = 8 minutes, haul time to transfer station = 20 minutes one way, to/from garage = 15 minutes, workday = 8 hours, off-route factor 25% for breaks, lunch, etc. Do not use the Y equation in the book.

Reference no: EM132281072

Document based on credible research and course materials

Prepare a document based on credible research and course materials addressing the following: •Discuss the four strategies firms can use when entering foreign markets.

What is the slope of this equation after two years

In forecasting, MacDonald’s Wing® discovered that when it opened its store to the public, it was able to sell 5,000 parachutes in the first year. Given the equation; y=a+bx. W

Visionary business leadership and management

A very important, yet often overlooked, aspect of effective and visionary business leadership and management, requires that owners and senior executives focus on the potential

Whereas warehouse retail outlets matured

It took department stores 80-years to reach maturity, whereas warehouse retail outlets matured in 10-years -- please provide me some of your thoughts on why such a variance?

Explain differences between high- and low-context cultures

Explain the differences between high- and low-context cultures, giving examples of each. What are the effects on the communication process? Give some examples of cultural diff

Assessment of applicable laws

A brief assessment of applicable laws or regulations that must be considered. Recommendations about how to implement the initiatives to remain compliant while positing the org

Basic capital structure decisions made by corporation

Without getting into too much personal detail, how does a firm’s capital structure relate to an individual’s capital structure? In what ways are they similar? Provide examples

Many times hr is viewed as the cops of an organization

Many times HR is viewed as the cops of an organization, especially when it comes to safety and staffing. They seem to the viewed negatively because people perceive them as the


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