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We have a production-order-quantity inventory system with a production rate of 400 units per day, a daily demand of 100 units per day, a production quanitty of 2400 units, and 300 days a year. The unit holding cost is $30 per year, the setup cost is $250 per production run, and the unit production cost is $120 per unit.

NOTE: Use at least four decimals.

The maximum inventory level is _______________ units

The average inventory level is ________________ units

The length of the prodution run is ______________ days

The lenght of the inventory cycle is _______________ days

The annual setup cost is $_________________ per year

The number of production runs per year is ________________

The optimal production quantity is ________________ units per production run

The optimal annual holding cost is $_______________ per year


Reference no: EM13101398

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