Estimate the mass of the air contained in the room

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Use the ideal gas law to estimate the mass of the air (in KG) contained in the room. State clearly what your approximate temperature , volume are. Molar mass of air is about 29.

Reference no: EM13306398

Determine the difference between the pressure is acting

Shaquille O Neal, who is listed as 7`1" tall is out of the NBA Playoffs and so has time to visit is pool. If he stands vertically in the water, completely submerged, determine

Determine what should the sample volume be

The dissolved oxygen of sample water is 1.5 mg/L. At 25 C, the dissolved oxygen of the dilution water is 8.25 mg/L. You are told the BOD5 of the sample is 130 mg/L. You have

Determine the terminal velocity of the block of cube

A fluid film 0.1 mm thick separates solid and surface. The fluid viscosity is 0.04 N*sec/m^2. Assuming the velocity distribution in the film is linear, find the terminal vel

Determine the diameter of the pipe to be maintained in pipe

A flowrate of 3.5 ft^3/s is to be maintained in a horizontal aluminum pipe ( E = 5 * 10 ^-6 ft). The inlet and outlet pressures are 65 psi and 30 psi, respectively, and the

Explain how to draw v-t and x-t curves of industrial planer

The velocity of the bed is limited to a maximum value of 150 mm/s to the right and 300 mm/s to the left; the acceleration is successively equal to 150 mm/s^2 to the right, z

Find area of steel reinforcement required for concrete tbeam

Find the area of steel reinforcement required for a concrete T-beam for the following data; f'c = 3 ksi, fy=50 ksi,d=28 in, t= 6 in., bw= 16 in., bf= 60 in., and the section

Determine which should be the tangent function

in the first couple steps you are using the sine function to derive that the interior triange BCG is a right triangle. However, the sine function, by definition, is opposite

Determine the causes of the crashes

CIV5306 : ROAD SAFETY ENGINEERING - How will you show the different numbers of accidents at the site and estimate the value of the crashes which are occurring at the site and


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