Estimate the magnitudes of kinetic and potential energy

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A blood warmer is to be used during the transfusion of blood to a patient. This device is to heat blood taken from the blood bank at 10°C to 37°C at a flow rate of 200 ml/min. The blood passes through tubing of length 2 m, with a rectangular cross section 6.4 mm×1.6 mm. At what rate must heat be added to the blood to accomplish the required temperature increase? If the fluid originates from a large tank with nearly zero velocity and flows vertically downward for its 2-m length, estimate the magnitudes of kinetic and potential energy changes. Assume the blood's properties are similar to those of water

Reference no: EM131166523

Find the total condensation rate and heat transfer rate

A horizontal tube of 50-mm outer diameter, with a surface temperature of 34°C, is exposed to steam at 0.2 bar. Estimate the condensation rate and heat transfer rate per unit

Adiabatic constant-volume combustion chamber

An adiabatic constant-volume combustion chamber is filled with a mixture of air and methane; lambda (AFR/AFRs) = 1.3. The initial temperature of the mixture is 25°C, and its p

Calculate the mass ?ux

Water ?ows in a rectangular conduit 12-cm high and 60-cm wide having a maximum velocity of 20 m=s with the pro?les shown in Fig. 4.16. Assume the pro?le exists across the en

Hypothetical element has an atomic weight

A hypothetical element has an atomic weight of 91.6 g/mol, a density of 9.60 g/cm3, and an atomic radius of 0.137 nm. Determine whether its crystal structure is FCC, BCC, or s

Explain how cold working a metal increases its strength

Determine the elastic modulus (E), and indicate its value and show how you determined it on the appropriate curve? Explain how cold working (plastically deforming) a metal inc

Explain what are the knot values

What are the knot values? How many different curves is the B-spline curve composed of? Expand the B-spline curve equation to get the separate equations of the curves in b.

What is the maximum speed that the cyclist

A cyclist is able to obtain a maximum speed of 20 mph on a calm day. The total mass of the rider and bike is 90 kg. The rollingresistance for the tires (a constant force) is F

Find the temperature of source and sink

a heat engine working on carnot cycle converts 25% of heat into work when the temperature of the sink is reduced by 353 k the efficiency gets doubled .find the temperature o


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