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In the TWA Flight 800 tragedy the accident is blamed on explosion of fuel vapors in the central fuel tank. The volume of the central fuel tank is 18,000 gal. For jet fuel the energy of explosion is 18,590 Btu/lb and the molecular weight is 160.

a) If, at the time of the explosion, the fuel concentration in the tank is 1% by volume and the pressure inside the tank is 12.9 psia, determine the equivalent energy of explosion for the vapor (in pounds of TNT). Assume a temperature of 80°F. Be sure to state carefully any assumptions.

b) Estimate the overpressure at a distance of 50 ft from the fuel tank explosion from the explosion of the vapors in part a.

C) Estimate the limiting oxygen concentration (LOC) for the jet fuel, given that the LFL is 0.6% by volume and the stoichiometric coefficient for oxygen in the combustion equation is 18.9.

Reference no: EM13702478

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