Estimate the dimensions of the bio filter needed to treat

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It has been reported that a peat biofilter treating styrene had a maximum elimination capacity of 100 g/m^3-hr,and a critical load of between 60-75 g/m^3-hr. Further investigation reveals that a 97% efficiency was acheived at a load 40 g/m^3-hr. Assume that tomeet a local odor ordinance you must design for at least a 90% removal efficiency. Use this information to estimate the demensions of the biofilter needed to treat 10,000 m^3/hr of air (at 30 C and 1 atm) containing 200 ppm styrene being emitted from a boat- manufacturing plant. Assume the bed must be at least 1 meter deep, and that the surface loading cannot exceed 1.5m/min.

Reference no: EM13536737

Determine what is the elevation of the point b

Long Line: the slope distance and zenith angle measured from point a to point b were 17,685.20 ftand 93degrees 13' 46" . The instrument and reflector heights were equal. If

Determine the rotation of the gear at e of a-36 steel

The two shafts are made of A-36 steel. Each has a diameter of 25 mm and they are connected using the gears fixed to their ends. Their other ends are attached to fixed suppor

Determine the coliform concentration at the beach

An ocean outfall diffuser that discharges treated wastewater into the Atlantic Ocean is 5,000 m from a public beach. The wastewater contains 10^5 coliform bacteria per millili

Four-lane highway for adequate ssd

A horizontal curve was designed for a four-lane highway for adequate SSD. Lane widths are 12 feet, and the superelevation is 0.06 and was set assuming maximum fx.

Find maximum force required to perform the operation

The part geometry is considered complex. As heated, the work material yields at 75 MPa and has no tendency to strain harden. Determine the maximum force required to perform

Find the horizontal and vertical forces exerted on the poll

What is the maximum weight that can be suspended on a 16 Kg poll, 3/5 from the end. The maximum tension of the 30 degree guy-wire is 1500 N. Find the horizontal and vertical

Draw the shear and moment diagrams

The bearing supports A , B , and C exert only vertical reactions on the shaft. Determine these reactions, then draw the shear and moment diagrams. EI is constant. Use the mo

Disposal of excavated material

Discuss and use examples to explain the specific factors that you will need to consider when pricing the following items in the bill of quantities foundation excavation


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