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Configure a Personal Computer

This assignment challenges you to consider your computing needs and then to identify a computer that satisfies these needs, allows for some future growth, and is not too expensive. Begin by watching the video for this Unit, which can be found in the "Explore" section of this Unit.

The performance of typical components has increased substantially over time. In this Application you will plan the configuration for a personal computer for your immediate use. You do not have to purchase anything to complete this assignment.

Look at the Walden University and online classroom Web sites for the current minimum system configurations. Consider also:

What capabilities beyond the minimum do you need now?

So that your computer does not become obsolete, what additional features do you think you will need within the next 2 or 3 years?

Finally, some features are so inexpensive that you might as well include them, even if you anticipate no immediate use. Likewise, some features may be so expensive that you may want to compromise.

To find current feature and pricing information, you may visit a local store that sells computers, the Web site of an on-line retailer, or a comparison-shopping Web site, such as those suggested in the resources for this Application.

Write a report to:

Describe the system (processor model and speed; RAM and cache memory; secondary storage types and capacities).

Explain how you determined each of these components. If you want a particular brand, explain why. If not, explain why a generic product is good enough.

Estimate the cost of the system. To what degree were you able to get a better price through comparison shopping? If you are using a mail-order source, how does shipping affect your final cost?

Reference no: EM13861250

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