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Figure - Basic Linde gas liquefaction process. Feed gas is compressed adiabatically in the compressor, then cooled isobarically in the precooler. The high-pressure gas is further cooled in the heat exchanger. High-pressure gas from the heat exchanger is rapidly cooled and partially condensed by irreversible expansion through a Joule-Thomson valve (JT valve). The liquid and gas phases are separated in the flash drum. Uncondensed gas from the flash drum is recycled through the heat exchanger, and then fed into the compressor.

Problems -

1. Estimate the bare module cost in 2016 of a 1.5-MW stainless steel axial-flow compressor for a Linde plant that produces Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG). The compressor takes natural gas at 0 barg and 295 K and compresses it to 100 barg.

2. Estimate the bare module cost in 2016 of a 2.0-MW steam turbine to drive the compressor described above.

3. Aluminum is typically used instead of steel for cryogenic applications. Estimate the bare module cost in 2016 of a 100-m2 multiple-pipe aluminum heat exchanger that operates at pressures as high as 100 barg and temperatures as low as 203 K. Assume a material factor of 4.9 for aluminum.

Reference no: EM131261425

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I have this picture. I need it in excel file so I can see the equation you but. Also there is one more thing my professor asked me to do is that to write a memo (just one page) saying from where you get the numbers and how you solved the questions. I have the book in online version if you need it let me know. And i can tell you which chapter the assignment is talking about. If you can do it please let me know. Thank you.

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