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Question: George Nanchoff has a gas station. The cars reach at the gas station based on the following inter-arrival time distribution. The time to service a car is given through the following service time distribution. Using the following random number sequence: 92, 44, 15, 97, 21, 80, 38, 64, 74, 08, estimate the average customer waiting time , average teller idle time and the average time a car spends in the system.

Interarrival P(X) Random Service time P (X) Random
times (in min) Numbers (in Minutes) Numbers

4 .35 00-34 2 .30 00-29
7 .25 35-59 4 .40 30-69
10 .30 60-89 6 .20 70-89
20 .10 90-99 8 .10 90-99


Reference no: EM1378362

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