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Problem- Routine operation and maintenance processes in a water treatment plant include chemical feed, mixing, coagulation, flocculation, sedimentation, filtration, chlorination, fluoridation, pH adjustment, and pumping. You are asked to review the treatment processes for a 3.0 MGD plant and provide answers for the following equations.

1) The gas chlorination system is set to feed chlorine at a rate of 16 lb/day into a daily water flow of 3,000,000 gallons for Spring operation. The chlorine residual is 0.4 mg/L. Estimate the chlorine demand (mg/L).

2) The water treatment plant uses filters that are 10 ft in diameter. If the filters are backwashed at 15 gpm/ft2 for 12 minutes, estimate the amount (gallons per wash) of wash water used.

Write short paragraph summarizing what the results show, any help is greatly appreciated

Reference no: EM13690120

Explain what is the ph after the addition of 50.0ml hcl

A 20.0mL sample of 0.20 M sodium acetate is titrated with 0.11 M HCL(aq). Explain what is the pH after the addition of 50.0mL HCL(aq). (Kb of CH3CO2- = 5.6 ´10-10)

Explain what is the bod of the sample

In determining the BOD of a water sample it was found that the DO level was 9.3ppm before incubation and 6.7ppm after five days of incubation. Explain what is the BOD of thi

Explain electrical contacts are placed at opposite ends

A thin piece of semiconducting silicon will be used to fabricate an electrical device. This layer is 0.10 cm thick and cut into a strip 0.50 cm wide by 1.50 cm long. Electri

What fraction of hydrogen bonds are broken

Problem- Suppose a hydrogen bond in water has an energy of about 2 kcal/mol. Suppose a "made" bond is the ground state in a two state model and a "broken" bond is the excite

State the molar concentration of the naoh solution

A drop of the NaOH titrant adheres to the side of the buret between the initial and final readings for the titration. As a result of the "clean glass" error, will the molar

Compute the amounts of cu and br2

Calculate the amounts of Cu AND Br2 produced in 1.0 h at inert electrodes in a solution of CuBr2 by a current of 4.50 A. MW (Cu) = 63.55 g/mol /MW (Br2) = 160 g/mol & n = 2

Compute the number of grams of battery acid

Compute the number of grams of H 2 SO 4 in 1 gallon of battery acid if the solution is 38.9% sulfuric acid by mass and has a density of 1.33g/mL ?

State buffer solution what is the ph of this buffer solution

If it is a buffer solution what is the pH of this buffer solution. how many mil of 1.5 M HCl can be added to this solution before the buffer is exhausted. how many ml of 1.5 M


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