Estimate of the cooling water demands of the facility

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Preliminary cost estimates for a 1 million-Kw nuclear-powered thermal power station require an estimate of the cooling water demands of the facility. For purposes of this estimate, the heat engine can be assumed to be a carnot engine operating between 650 F Degree and 150 F Degree. If cooling water enters the process and saturate liquid at 70 F Degree and leaves as saturated liquid at 120 F Degree, at what rate (gallon per minute) must cooling water be supplied?

Reference no: EM13717237

Determine the temperature at which the liquid

A rigid tank with a volum of 2.5m^3 contains 5kg of saturated liquid-vapor mixture of water at 75deg C. Now the water is slowly heated. Determine the temperature at which th

What is the approximate temperature if the speed is doubled

Using a carbide tool, the temperature in a cutting operation with a speed of 300 ft/min and a feed of 0.002 in. /rev is measured to be 1200 degrees Fahrenheit. What is the app

Tetrafluoroethylene-vinyl chloride is other repeat unit

An alternating copolymer is known to have a number-average molecular weight of 100000 g/mol and a degree of polymerization of 2210. If one of the repeat units is ethylene, whi

Calculate the longitudinal and transverse young''s modulus

Consider an aluminum--titanium laminated composite. Calculate the longitudinal and transverse Young's modulus of this composite if the volume fractions of the two metals are

Why the buckling load of this problem is equal

Consider the clamped-free column loaded as shown in Fig. 9.22. Here we take the load P not as the usual axial force, but directed along a line through x = 0. Explain why the

Calculate the work-heat transfer and entropy production

One kilogram of nitrogen gas (N2) is undergoes an isothermal compression from 1 bar, 20C to a final pressure of 12 bar. During the process, the nitrogen transfers heat through

Calculate reynolds number for the process

Calculate Reynolds number for the process and hence the head loss due to friction - calculate the minor head losses for the system using both the equivalent length method and

Derive a set of gibbs–appell equations of motion

The bar is supported by a ball-and-socket joint A. The coefficient of sliding friction between end B of the bar and the wall is µ. Derive a set of Gibbs-Appell equations of


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