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Tony works full-time as a computer-repair technician who makes on-site repairs for individuals and small businesses. He says his gross profit margin is 94% because last year his total revenues were $100,000 and his expenses were $6,000. “I’m actually doing better than Microsoft. They talk about gross profit margins of 80%” says Tony. What is wrong with Tony’s estimate of his gross profit margin?

Reference no: EM13964355

Review of a journal article about product design

Write a 2 to 3 page review of a journal article about product design and development. Find and discuss contradictions, disagreements, agreements, and/or support for the vie

Being an entrepreneur-assume the risk of business ownership

Being an Entrepreneur? The text describes being an entrepreneur as very risky, and offers that it requires certain characteristics to be successful. This kindly provides some

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Reflect on quality health outcomes, utilization, and disparity in the Indian healthcare system. India's healthcare infrastructure has not kept pace with the economic develop

Conservative in an introductory-rapid growth situation

How much of an impact does the "maturity" level of the industry or company have on strategy? How can you be innovative in a mature industry? How can you be conservative in an

Marketing implementation is critical to success of any firm

Marketing implementation is critical to the success of any firm. Simply put, implementation refers to: how the marketing plan will be approved by top management. how the marke

Business risks associated with differentiation strategy

What could be the business risks associated with a focused differentiation strategy? Explain the timing when late comers might gain a competitive advantage in the industry'? E

Identify what makes each situation an ethical dilemma

Identify what makes each situation an ethical dilemma, citing the Code/Standard you are applying. Describe the steps you would take, who or what agency or resource you would c

Hearing voices making critical comments

A 37-yr. old woman began hearing voices making critical comments about her behavior about 6 years ago and has since worried about something trying to control her mind. As a re


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