Estate professional exception or the active participant test

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Adela owns rental real estate that generated a $27,000 loss during the current year. Using the information below as a guide, prepare a spreadsheet calculating her adjusted gross income. It should be flexible enough to calculate  Adela's adjusted gross income if she meets either the real estate professional exception or the active participant test.







Reference no: EM13991926

Deduction for the loss of emerald bracelet

It had been given to her by her grandmother and had a fair market value of $5,000. Unfortunately, the bracelet was not insured. Is Carla allowed a casualty deduction for the

Understanding the income tax law

Articles on tax topics are often useful in understanding the income tax law. CPA firms and other organizations publish tax articles on the Internet. Using the ‘‘Guides-Tips-

Replace one of its delivery vehicles

1. Emma owns and operates Conway Camera. One night someone breaks into the store and steals cameras that cost $2,200. The retail price of the cameras is $3,500. 2. Mike's P

Forecasting operating income

The Readyhough Corporation was incorporated in 2002. During 2009, the corporation had operating income of $80,000. Because of a strike at its major supplier, the corpora- ti

Accident on her taxable income

The insurance company reimburses her $12,000. Assuming that Jamila has an adjusted gross income of $45,000 during the current year before considering the effect of the auto

Effect of the casualty on her taxable income

The fair market value of the condominium before the fire was $160,000, and her adjusted basis in the rental unit is $20,000. Assume that Marsha's adjusted gross income before

Problem regarding the deductible casualty loss

The insurance adjuster estimates that the damage to the basement and its contents is $13,500. Ghon and Li do not have flood insurance, so the insurance company will reimburs

Recognized gain or loss on sale of the ross stock

Unsure of the outcome of the lawsuit, Leona sells 300 shares of the stock for $5,400 on October 12, 2010. What is her recognized gain or loss on the sale of the Ross stock?


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