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Part -1:

Aim of Assignment:

• Create a Project Charter, Requirements Traceability Matrix & Work Break Down Structure with Activities

• Apply scope change management processes

• Demonstrate understanding of project planning through the analysis of a case study



Select a project. The project can be:

• One that you are presently involved in or project happening in the future in which you will be involved - either business or social project.
• A hypothetical but relevant project

A. Produce a PROJECT CHARTER, using the template herein
• Problem / Opportunity Statement
• Strategic Alignment
• Benefits, KPIs
• Deliverables, High-level Requirement(s), Exclusions
• Cost, Timeframe, Risks,

B. Produce a REQUIREMENTS TRACEABILITY MATRIX using the template herein, list four requirements then trace to features in the final deliverables

C. Create a WORK BREAKDOWN STRUCTURE with ASSOCIATED ACTIVITIES using the template herein: (list format, not chart format).

D. Describe a possible SCOPE CHANGE requested by the sponsor. Fully evaluate the requested change. Produce and explain the revised sections of WBS, assuming that the change is accepted


CASE STUDY: "Goal Definition and Performance Indicators in Soft Projects" (See separate handout)

Part B can be undertaken as a GROUP assignment

In answering the case study, make any necessary but reasonable assumptions. Support any answers wil direct reference to the text in the case study

1. What are the :

• Benefits. And suggest one suitable KPI for one of the benefits

• Strategic alignment

2. Describe one specific project planning problem encountered in this project, and how it may have been avoided or better managed.

3. Describe one specific example of good project planning in the project.

Part 2

Problem/Opportunity Statement:

Establishment of primary school for girls 'of Rugin village, Bajura Nepal.

Over the last few years, despite ongoing civil war, Nepal has made enormous progress towards the MDGs. Nepal is still among the less developed countries of the world, its few cities are developed, but remote areas people don't have access to basic education, health and basic food. The Education system is divided on the basis of caste, creed and class system. Hence divided into two segments private schools for rich ones and government schools for the poor people.

Some Parents very much poor living below the line of the poverty so can't afford the cost of children's education in government schools. Rugin is an underprivileged village of the country where students does not have access to quality education. Only few children of government employee from this village goes to schools which are beaten by teachers in school to keep the attention of children or if they failed to homework ,answer the question etc Population of rugin village is as under

Despite this number of children no primary girls school is located near to this village , One government school was near to that village around 1.5 Km away, which was destructed in the earthquake of 2011, still not repaired due to lack of interest of government . Keeping in view this situation there is a desperate need of girl's school where children can get free education and can have a little ray of bright career.

Strategic Alignment

The Asian Development Bank (ADB) is an institution which provides funding to underdeveloped countries in Asia for the development of public. Asian Development Bank (ADB) goal is to make the Asia an educated and peaceful place. The project will be helpful in achieving goals of organization i.e. Provide Basic Education to all children till 2018, in Nepal.

Project will enhance network of organization and capabilities of organization employee in monitoring and evaluation of projects which will be helpful in future.

Product Requirement

School is constructed by reputable contractor who has used qualitative material in building .safe from heavy rain or thunder etc

Land from private owner or government near to village as children can come easily to school by walk

Standard rules and syllabus will be followed so its east to get Recognition from Government Education Department

Language of instruction will be same for all students

How to do this assessment.

Any question you can ask as well as give as much as sub headings you can give and use Chicago referencing style.

Attachment:- Lacasse Original.pdf

Reference no: EM13835127

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