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As you may note from your readings, a business model is a framework as it establishes the fundamental algorithm a company uses to deliver value to their customers. The framework is used for strategic choices made by the organization. In addition, as choices are made, the framework is used to properly communicate strategic choices to the entire organization. Knowing this, building sustainable business models is a prerequisite for any company in any economic environment. However, the current digital economy requires constant integration of innovative applications and services, a business model must fit the current economic and technological environment. This will allow a business to transform a technological innovation and use it as a strategic resource to provide sustainable value for the business itself. What are some technological innovations that can help or have helped the core business processes, value creation, and value capture of a business model? Use examples, credible sources, and citations to support your assertions. As usual, provide the full URL if the source was found on the Web, or author, title, year, and journal name if found through a library search.

Reference no: EM132184134

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