Establish plausible initial offer-target-resistance point
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Rick is an 18 year old who is getting ready to go away to college where he will be living in a dorm. He has played bass guitar for six years and wants to be able to continue while he is away at school. The problem is the amplifiers he has are too large for a small dorm room and are inconvenient to transport. He wants to buy a small amp, but as a college student, his funds are very limited. After searching the Internet, he found the amp he wanted; it was being sold by Alan. Alan, a drummer, was in a band that recently split up in a very unpleasant way. To protect his credit rating, Alan paid the debts the band had accumulated and ended up with a variety of miscellaneous musical equipment, which he put up for sale on the Internet. At this point, he is very frustrated and wants to be done with the entire ordeal, but needs to recover some of his money by selling the equipment. He has just been contacted by Rick who is interested in one of his amps. Complete the worksheet for this assessment. You need to answer the following questions in the worksheet provided: 1. Identify the involved parties, their potential interests, and possible alternatives to a negotiated agreement. 2. Identify the issues that would likely be part of the negotiation. 3. For each issue, establish a plausible initial offer, target, and resistance point. 4. Describe one way the situation could be framed. 5. Describe how your response to the previous question could be reframed

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