Establish kanbans to feed newly installed work cell

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The XYZ Company wants to establish kanbans to feed a newly installed work cell. The daily production (demand) rate is 170 units. The production lead time is 3 days. They want to keep a 25% buffer of safety stock on hand (the safety stock factor). The kanban size is 35 units. How many kanbans do they require?

Reference no: EM131149441

Standard deviation of the critical path

Suppose you calculated the mean and the standard deviation of the critical path (longest path) as mean = 100 days, standard deviation as 10 days. The mean and the standard dev

What is the time requirements for the fourth project

You are running a series of similar projects and consider that you can use the learning curve approach to estimate the individual project durations? You calculated the time re

Category of authority as primary-secondary or non-authority

For the following, identify the category of authority as primary, secondary, or non-authority (do not try to determine whether the examples may be mandatory or persuasive):

What is the hybrid or stuck-in-the-middle-business strategy

What is the hybrid, or stuck-in-the-middle, business strategy? When it has been a "losing position" for most organizations, why has it worked for healthcare organizations? Why

What is the approximate economic order quantity

A certain item costs $3,000, and the annual holding cost is 30 percent. Annual demand is 10,000 units, and the order cost is $150 per order. What is the approximate economic o

Statements about leadership

Which of the following adjectives is increasingly associated with today's top leaders? Many well- known individuals in the computer technology industry have become great leade

Defined as product that sells less than half of forecast

Teddy Bower is an outdoor clothing and accessories chain that purchases a line of parkas at $10 each from its Asian supplier, TeddySports. Unfortunately, at the time of order

Applying the central limit theorem

A nationwide study found that the average yearly claim per automobile insurance policy (after deductible) is $1,000 with a standard deviation of $400. Consider these parameter


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