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Possible essay titles for EAP2. You must choose a title that relates to your subject area. You can adapt the question if you wish to a question that interests you more. Choose one Title

1. Do video games do more harm than good?
2. Willmen continue to dominate the computer industry?
3. Does the Notting Hill Carnival deserve its reputation for violence?
4. Do employees work most effectively when they are empowered to make their own decisions?
5. Is the use of personality tests in the job application process pointless?
6. Should drilling in the Arctic be allowed to go ahead?
7. Should the tax rate for the richest people be raised?
8. Is Inheritance tax is unfair?
9. Are zero-hours contracts unethical?
10. Has mass tourism had a mostly positive impact on the UK?
11. Is change management best implemented with the involvement of staff?
12. Is holding global events such as the World Cup or the Olympics a bad investment for the countries involved?
13. Are employees primarily motivated by money?
14. Should a company only focus on making a profit?
15. Should we be worried about oil and gas running out in the next 50 years?
16. Do summer festivals have a positive impact on the local community?
17. Was holding the World Cup bad for Brazil?
18. Was holding the 2012 Olympic Games bad for the UK?
19. Should employers provide more flexible working arrangements for their staff?
20. Do companies need an HR department?
21. Is fracking oil too damaging for our environment?
22. Should people use short-term lenders?
23. Do prisons work?
24. Should courtrooms be televised?
25. Should male and female employees be paid the same?
26. Are social networking sites, for example, Facebook safe?
27. Can HR do more to prevent bullying and harassment in the workplace?
28. Is solar power the best alternative energy?
29. Do clothing companies such as Primark pay their employees enough?
30. Is diversity good for business?

Produce a cohesive and coherent researched essayWRITTEN ASSIGNMENT GUIDELINES

? This coursework requires you to write a 1,250 word extended argument essay on a topic connected to your intended degree course. For example: Oil and Gas Management; Business Management; Accounting and Finance; HR Management; Events Management; Computer Science; Law etc.

? You are responsible for choosing the topic and title for your essay which must be submitted to your lecturer along with a plan for your essay during week 5. You must make sure your essay title has been approved before proceeding, and you will be given support with this during class.

? In order to write your essay you will need to do reading and research. You should familiarise yourself with the online library system and GSM's online library early on in the course, and start reading articles and researching into common themes within your degree subject. This will help you to find a title you are interested in, and you can begin to collect sources (e.g. journal articles) to integrate into your writing. You will need your ‘MyAthens' password to access material online which the library has emailed to you. Contact the library if you have problems with this.

? The essay is an argument essay. This means you are expected to include the following:

Introduction needs to include: background information; more specific information (what is the issue) and a clear thesis statement which clearly identifies your position.

Body paragraph 1 needs to include: counter-argument; rebuttal; argument; evidence

Body paragraph 2 needs to include: counter-argument; rebuttal; argument; evidence

Body paragraph 3 needs to include: counter-argument; rebuttal; argument; evidence

Body paragraph 4 needs to include: counter-argument; rebuttal; argument; evidence

Conclusion needs to include a short summary of body paragraphs 1-4 and recommendations for resolving the issue

Reference list: to include all references cited in the essay (in Harvard style)

*please note: there is video support available on the EAP 2 page on GSM Learn*

? Throughout your essay you need to show evidence that you have researched and evaluated other opinions on the subject. This is a key feature of an argument essay which helps to strengthen your position, for example:

? "According to Smith (2014) ......" or "It is argued that ....................... (Irving, 2012)"

Reference no: EM13994522

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