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Assignment- 2500 words essay not including footnotes and bibliography. Use AGLC referencing.

Question - Consider the requirements of the TRIPS Agreement Art 39 (3), The Australian United States Free Trade Agreement Art 17.10 and Trans Pacific Partnership Arts 18.47 -18.54. Explain the system that Australia has put in place to meet these requirements and critically discuss the effect of that system. Explain the system that Australia has put in place to meet these requirements and critically discuss the effect of that system.

Its an essay on Trade-related Aspects of Intellectual Property Rights Agreement Art 39 (3): "Members, when requiring, as a condition of approving the marketing of pharmaceutical or of agricultural chemical products which utilize new chemical entities, the submission of undisclosed test or other data, the origination of which involves a considerable effort, shall protect such data against unfair commercial use. In addition, Members shall protect such data against disclosure, except where necessary to protect the public, or unless steps are taken to ensure that the data are protected against unfair commercial use." and The AusUS Tree Trade Agreement Article 17.10 and Trans Pacific Partnership Article 18.47 - 18.54. EXPLAIN the system that Australia has put in place to MEET these requirements and CRITICALLY DISCUSS the effect of the system. My lecturer wants a discussion on those specifically mentioned Article in the TRIPs Agreement, AustUs FTA and TPP. No need to talk about any other parts of the Agreements. The references are not limited to a certain number, just what is enough to get the essay question answered adequately.

2000 words.

6 reference.

Reference no: EM131060955

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