Essay is about write up of jesus walks song
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Essay 1.

Essay is about write up of this song Kanye West - Jesus Walks(Version 2) by KanyeWestVEVO (youtube) analysis 300 words minimum.

Essay 2.

Essay is a personal reflection and should include answers to the following questions.

*What have you learned this quarter? As you answer this question,

*How have you been able to apply knowledge gained through this class to other areas within and outside of academia? *How are you planning to use what you've learned this quarter in the future? What bits of knowledge, etc. have you found most useful to you?

*What, if anything "surprised" you? This may be specific information or ways of interacting or your own response to certain information or ... Talk about any "AHA" moments you had...

*What challenged you? What did you struggle with? What problems did you have, if any?

*How has the information and education engaged with throughout this course impacted you as an individual? How have you changed/developed during this course?

*What suggestions would you give other students on ways to get the most out of Popular Culture? What would you tell them about this class? (Please be honest, I will not be offended by criticism.) ** As you answer the questions, reference course material (at least 4 pieces). Be specific about what you have learned.

minimum 500 words.

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