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Summary: Students will be required to submit a reflective essay incorporating their personal philosophy of leadership and analyse an organisational leadership issue. Students will be expected to demonstrate an emerging theoretical and practical understanding of organisational behaviour including conceptual linkages between organisational leadership and related organisational behaviour concepts. The following must be covered in your essay: Philosophy of Leadership Statement It is important to establish and articulate your own philosophy about your values, attitudes and behaviours as a leader . Your philosophy statement should be a work in progress through this unit. It should incorporate the assigned readings, course activities, and feedback from the lecturer and classmates. As you prepare this statement, consider the following: ? What do you think about leadership? What or who has influenced your thoughts? ? What key leadership experiences have informed your thinking? ? How would you describe your leadership style? ? How would you develop and share your vision as a leader? ? Under what circumstances are you willing to take risks? ? What personal principles are you not willing to violate? ? How do you make decisions? Are they based on evidence or intuition? ? As a leader, what decisions do you make individually and what do you make collectively? Why? ? How do your personal beliefs (e.g. religion, inclusiveness, etc.) affect your leadership philosophy? ? How do you respond when your leadership beliefs or practices are challenged? ? What did you learn about leadership from your profile? How does your experience reflect the leadership concepts discussed in this course or in your readings? ? Investigate ways to exercise leadership--with and without authority This list of questions is not exhaustive, feel free to add to them as you define your leadership philosophy. Application and Analysis related to leadership ? Identify a key leadership issue (either past or present) in your organisation that requires you (a prospective or current leader) to make critical decisions. ? Provide a brief overview of the issue, to contextualize it. Analyse the issue in accordance with Organisational Behaviour and Leadership principles. ? Take a position on the issue and defend your decision in light of your leadership philosophy and based on a Christian worldview/ through a biblical lens. Readings from the course and Research.

Reference no: EM132233980

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