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Compose an eight-page Final Essay highlighting an element of literature (theme, character, setting, conflicts, etc.) by using your choice of at least three (3) works from two genres to support your ideas. (You could choose two poems and a play; two short stories and a poem, a poem, a play, and a story, etc.) A scholarly study of literature connects or compares works from different genres by using one literary element.

This is your assignment: find a way to connect or compare one literary work to two others. Reading the notes taken in your journal may help. Analyze the specific element in the selections with some depth. Support points with appropriate examples from the selections and explain how the examples support those points. Think about what you wanted to read again, what struck you as the most profound, what you wanted to see in film, or hear aloud. Go with the impulse to study the works that were the most interesting to you. You do not need resources outside the course materials for this essay; however, you must cite the works you use from the texts. 

Reference no: EM13218778

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