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Clark Kent is writing an essay for Professor Thunder Lope's ENG-105 course and asks you to guide him in writing his heading in GCU Style for a paper that is due February 1, 2015. In the space below, please write the heading for this paper in GCU Style.

Reference no: EM13956780

Scientific controversies

Like, not the controversial subject of "stem cell research" for example, because it is not really controversial in SCIENCE, but it is controversial because of ethics and moral

Explain what you think chomsky is referring

Does globalization (as it relates to economic investments and capital) create a world where the gap between the "haves" and the "have nots" is increasing? Why or why not?

Narrative argument about education

write a 1000-word (3-4-page) narrative essay in response to the following prompt: Use a personal narrative to state your views in response to 1 of the assigned readings on e

Evaluate your learning experience

Reflect on the work you have done either (1) in WRTG 101 as a whole, or (2) in your research-supported cause/effect essay. Consider how successfully you feel you have comple

Does the organizational reward system recognize the efforts

Human resource policies: Do the organization's career development resources address the needs of virtual team members? Does the organizational reward system recognize the ef

Persuasive claim: overcharged and unhappy

You want to straighten out this matter, and you can't do it by telephone because you suspect that you will need a written record of this entire mess. Write a claim request to

Teaching plan current practice in mathematics education

Describe how the activities were conducted (using constructivist techniques) and what the children did, that is, a summary of your observations and describe the mathematical

Specific aspect of your experience with language

Writing Project 4 Essay: Write a paper in which you discuss some specific aspect of your experience with language. Analyze some way or ways in which words have affected you. (


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