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Directions: "Changing Lives and Building Communities" In an one page essay, there should be an identifiable thesis statement. use the colleges slogan and incorporate research from ALL three sources below into an essay about on coming to the community college. This should be written in third person point of view. There must be in text citations and a Works Cited page in MLA documentation.

You can only use one direct quote once in your writing.
The reminder of your in text citations should be paraphrases or summary.
Therefore when I look in the essay I should see three citations or more citations and three sources on the Works Cited page. I want to see how you create the in-text citation and Works Cited page from the information that is provided.
Three Sources Below:

The United States has been more dedicated to the belief that all individuals should have the opportunity to rise to their greatest potential. Accordingly, all barriers to individuals development should be broken down. Institutions that enhance human growth should be created and supported. Talent is potentially to be found in every social stratum and at any age. People who fail to achieve in their youth should be given successive chances. The American Community College, 5th Edition Arthur M. Cohen and Florence B. Brawer 2008, Publisher John Wiley & Son.

Community colleges in the United States provide access to higher education for over 10 million students each year, representing nearly half of the nation's undergraduates. These open-door institutions-which are expected to serve nearly anyone who wants to attend college-are a manifestation of our society's commitment to educational opportunity, and they reflect a common understanding of postsecondary education as a foundation for economic growth and upward mobility. Redesigning America's Community Colleges Thomas R. Bailey, Shanna Smith Jaggars, Davis Jenkins 2015 Publisher. President and Fellows of Harvard College

The trio of educational purposes-to prepare the young for occupations and profession useful and important for the nation; to infuse students with a sense of service and the significance of character and to familiarize them with the finest achievements of humankind and their own national heritage; and to encourage and assist them in methods of creating new knowledge.Higher Education and the New Society George Keller, 2008 Publisher: The Johns Hopkins University Press

Reference no: EM131419081

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