Essay about a play called faust by goethe

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Essay about A play called Faust by Goethe.

You will need to read The play titled "Faust" written by Johann Wolfgang von Goethe.

There is detailed summary of it and all the characters on this link:

Although I posted the link to a summary it is suggested that you still need to look at the full reading because of the details that aren't mentioned in the summary. This essay asks for you to focus in on the language or structure of a piece, to put a text under a metaphorical microscope. It Must be a detailed analysis of that text.

Write at least two full pages 12 point font double spaced, analyzing the significance of its characterization, tone, symbolism, metaphors, similes, descriptive phrases, diction, use of repetition, or any other specific technique or theme demonstrated in the passage.

Your ideas should be organized and reflected in a thesis statement, with supporting evidence throughout your essay. So, you should dissect the passage in order to make an argument about that particular piece of text. Your argument need not connect the passage to the novel as a whole, though you are welcome to do so if you wish.

Directions: This Essay like stated before must be at least 2 pages long in 12 point font. Next, it must be ENTIRELY in your own words, no bibliography, no works cited, no citations. Pretty much do not take content from elsewhere and paste it and then cite it. If these directions aren't followed your answer will be denied.

Reference no: EM131129535

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