Especially enjoy importance of equality and fairness

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You are a public personnel manager. You feel pretty confident in your work, and especially enjoy the importance of “equality and fairness” in the public sector workplace.

There happens to be a person considering a career in public personnel administration. Explain the techniques and procedures used in carrying out personnel functions that includes position classification, recruiting, compensation, promotion and benefits. Describe choices and decisions personnel managers consider in each.

Reference no: EM132184542

What advice would you give to prospective expatriate

What advice would you give to a prospective expatriate regarding questions to ask before accepting an assignment? What key characteristics would you look for in selecting a pr

Effective critical thinker makes decision making easier

Give your opinion on whether being an effective critical thinker makes decision making easier or more challenging. Justify your response. Consider the following statement: “Th

Structuring of organization is by no means straight forward

While the structuring of an organization is by no means straight forward (many companies struggle, should with issues such as hierarchy, standardization, matrix structure etc.

Discuss the elements of marketing

Various federal agencies impact marketing activities. Research each agency listed below, discuss the elements of marketing that are impacted by that agency, and present a rece

Scientific misconduct and breaches of medical ethics

During the last months, there has been a lively media coverage concerning the case of surgeon Paolo Macchiarini who has been accused of scientific misconduct and breaches of m

High-level strategic human resource management plan

Write a high-level strategic human resource management plan. The purpose of this assignment is to simulate the thought process managers use to connect unit goals with organiza

How many toys must each restaurant order

Suppose, six months in advance of the promotion, Burger King must make a single order for each restaurant. Furthermore, Burger King wants to have an in-stock probability of

The etymology of the term six sigma is rooted in statistics

Many of you will have heard of Six Sigma management. What you may not realize is that the etymology of the term Six Sigma is rooted in statistics. As you should have seen by n


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