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1. As we look at and identify several examples of material culture that have been positive and negative, one question comes to mind: "Is there such a thing as 'too much of a good thing?" Have we gone overboard with any technology (cell phones and computers included)? Is improving any technology necessarily "bad?" (Look at how much time we spend on cell phones/computers, video games, or rely on microwaves, etc.) Do improvements mean we take ourselves out of interpersonal human contact or is it ultimately beneficial?

2. Do you think the food industry in general has equivocated on food labeling? Are all foods labeled natural "natural" in the same way? Has modern society subverted the concept of nature/natural? 

All I need from this assignment is to answer the following question withing 3-4 sentences long and I also will appreciate if you provide me any Url or Link you utilize to answer the questions. Can you provide me the Url or Link at the bottom of the answer.

Reference no: EM13194598

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