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To determine the Ksp value of Hg2I2, a chemist obtained a solid sample of Hg2I2 in which some of the iodine is present as radioactive 131I. The count rate of the Hg2I2 sample is 5x10^11 counts per minute per mole of I. An excess amount of Hg2I2(s) is placed into some water, and the solid is allowed to come to equilibrium with its respective ions. A 150.0-mL sample of the saturated solution is withdrawn and the radioactivity measured at 33 counts per minute. From this information, calculate the Ksp value for Hg2I2(s) double arrow Hg2^(2+)(aq)+2I^-(aq); ksp= [Hg2^(2+)][I^-]^2 21aq2  2I1aq2 Ksp  3Hg2 24 3I42

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