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On Aug. 15 a feed barley producer feels that $300/t is a good price to sell the remainder of the un priced feed barley he/she is about to harvest since the December feed barley futures contract is trading at $300/t on the ICE. The producer sells five (5) December futures contracts or 100t (5 X 20t = 100t) to equally offset the expected long cash position. On November 20 the local cash price is $360/t. The producer sells the feed barley for cash and buys back the futures at $365/t. What is the resulting final price realized and why is it different from the target price of $300/t?

Reference no: EM13759652

The average time for the gift wrapping operation

Jeff Lee Beans is famous for its boxed candies, which are sold primarily to businesses. One operator had the following observed times for gift wrapping in minutes 2.3, 2.6, 2.

Described their operation far more organic than mechanistic

In a recent job interview a company representative described their operation as "far more organic than mechanistic," which left you largely confused. You have always wanted to

Supplier of chemicals-equipment used by some photographic

Foto Color is a Des Moines supplier of chemicals and equipment used by some photographic stores to process 35mm film. One product that Foto Color supp lies is BC-6. Brad Meyer

Stockholder activism-Ethical and economic responsibilities

Which of these is the largest and fastest growing segment of social investing? Guideline portfolio investing, Global investing, Stockholder activism, Ethical and economic resp

Demand for canned soup might be shaped strategy

How might the demand for a product such as television be shaped in the same way the demand for canned soup might be shaped strategy (Simchi-Levi, Kaminsky, & Simchi-Levi, 2008

Represent a pollution prevention strategy in an organization

Which of these represent a pollution prevention strategy in an organization? Automation of manufacturing facility, Transforming business from manufacturing to service operatio

Principal set of inputs to the company mission

Which of these is not a principal set of inputs to the company mission? demands of stakeholder groups, identification of csr auditors, managerial operating philosophy, or dete

What are the ramifications of the aging workforce

The average employee in the United States is now 40 years old. Depending on your age you may view this in different ways, but one thing is evident, the workforce is aging. If


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