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President Obama has been very proactive in equal pay for women in today's workplaces. Each fall, companies file an EEO-1 document. Beginning soon, that document will need to include additional information related to pay based on genders. For this topic, you need to first identify the reasoning behind these changes, their effective date, pros/cons of the changes, and the impact this change will have on your employer or you personally.

Reference no: EM131314238

Networking and negotiation and communication

What has the best experience been for you as a follower and as a leader? Do we have to learn how to be good followers first before we can be good leaders?

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Use the Case Study presented here to answer the questions below. Your answers should be long enough to answer each question fully and completely and typed the individual qu

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Identify a crisis scenario. Create a role-play scenario of how a leader can use emotional intelligence to handle a crisis or conflict situation. You may research a crisis ev

Using leadership to improve ethical performance

At this point, you should have identified the leader you would like to interview. You should also have already contacted him / her and have scheduled an interview time / dat

Explain with respect to the ethics of actions

Do you think L & actions with respect to Locate Plus and its alleged relationship with Omni Data illustrates a case of moral blindness? Explain with respect to the ethics of a

Personal experience to prevent issues

Determine the needed leadership style to help develop a solution. Outline an action plan for a resolution. Make additional suggestions based on your personal experience to pre

Techniques of assessing customer response

Q1. Explain various techniques of assessing customer response? Q2. Discuss the role and function of policies and procedures in meeting customer requirements? Q3. What is the r

Analyzing two mutually exclusive projects

A company is analyzing two mutually exclusive projects, S and L, whose cash flows are shown below. Project S: -1,100 (Year 0), 1000 (Year 1), 350 (Year 2), 50 (Year 3). Proj


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