Equal distance from the epicenter of an earthquake
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Two neighboring houses are at an equal distance from the epicenter of an earthquake. One rests on granite bedrock, the other on reclaimed land created by the pushing of loose sediment into an oceanic bay. Which house is more likely to be damaged and why?

a. The house on granite bedrock because the seismic waves travel faster through such a strong, compact rock type, enhancing the vibrations the house will endure

b. The house on reclaimed land because all earthquakes trigger tsunami waves that will destroy the house

c. The house on granite bedrock because granite always undergoes brittle strain, creating cracks that will form under the house, causing it to collapse

d. The house on reclaimed land because seismic shaking is amplified in loose sediments like these. Additionally, such water-saturated sediments are prone to liquefaction, which would undermine the houses foundation.

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