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You wish to make a 30 μl enzyme reaction cocktail that contains 100 μM MgCl2. The concentration of your MgCl2 stock solution is 0.8 mM. How much of your MgCl2 stock would you have to add to your reaction cocktail? In microliter

Reference no: EM132280294

Phenotypic classes were obtained in a test-cross

Suppose that the following phenotypic classes were obtained in a test-cross: AB 987; Ab 999, aB 782 and ab 856. Using the chi-square test, what is the probability that the dif

Why are individuals with blood type o

In the ABO blood system in humans, alleles A and B arecodominant, and both are dominant to the O allele. Give all of thepossible genotypes of a female with A-type and a male

Us culture regarding human sexuality

What role do you think the popular media plays in US culture regarding human sexuality?  What are some of the messages that you think are promoted by media sources and what do

Five step protocol

Using a five step protocol, you have purified an enzyme to the point where the specific activity remains constant when you perform any additional purification steps.

Explain the controversial question

Explanation of problem, question, conflict, or issue:1. Explain the controversial question and explain why it is controversial.2. Describe the different viewpoints within the

Plot the relative the amount of carbon dioxide

In yeast fermentation, CO2 is produced as a function of time. The production of CO2 by yeast is responsible for the rising of bread. Plot the relative the amount of carbon d

Asymmetric plane of division formed in intrinsic asymmetric

How is an asymmetric plane of division formed in intrinsic asymmetric division? What causes apical basal polarity? What genes are involved (for example Miranda and lgl) and

Wha primary difference between passive and active transport

Imagine that you are a pediatrician and one of your patients is a newborn who may have a lysosomal storage disease. You remove some cells from the patient and examine them u


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