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You wish to make a 30 μl enzyme reaction cocktail that contains 100 μM MgCl2. The concentration of your MgCl2 stock solution is 0.8 mM. How much of your MgCl2 stock would you have to add to your reaction cocktail? In microliter

Reference no: EM132280294

Oscillating gene expression model

SysB 2025 Fall 2016 - model is famous for its bistable steady-state distribution - Write a matlab code and run it on octave online. Please plot the trajectories of x when yo

How antibodies help to destroy invading bacterial cells

Name the cytokines that regulate growth and maturation in erythrocytes, leukocytes, and megakaryocytes and distinguish between heme and hemoglobin, and between ferritin and tr

Describe the structure and division of living cells

Describe the structure and division of living cells. Explain DNA biology and how it influences cancer and other diseases. Compare and contrast the characteristics of viruses,

How is food choice an adaptive behavior

How is food choice an adaptive behavior? Find two current peer-reviewed journal articles that support your position. Briefly review their strengths and weaknesses in support o

Question regarding the theories of criminality

Discuss how the merging of these theories contributed to the development of life-course theories of criminality and also contributed significantly to the field of criminolog

Drug were found that blocked all calcium channels

If a drug were found that blocked all calcium channels that are linked to G-protein coupled receptors, would it completely block the use of calcium as second messenger? Explai

Discuss some of the considerations involved in establishing

Another temperate biome planned for the biome garden is the temperate grassland/desert biome. Your friend is particularly interested in developing temperate grassland. Discuss

Enzymes would be inhibited by sodium borohydride

Do you think that the following enzymes would be inhibited by sodium borohydride? You must show structures to justify your response. If inhibition is expected, you should show


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