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Small Business Administration’s article, titled Environmental Regulations, and visits the United States Environmental Protection Agency’s “Laws & Regulations” page.

Identify one environmental law that is relevant to your past, current, or future employer. Apply that law to a business situation created by that employer. How does (or did) that employer maintain compliance with that statute? Do you believe that environmental regulations help or hinder business? Why, or why not?

Reference no: EM131032126

Optimal solution and optimal objective function value

Write the dual of the above primal LP. solve the primal problem with a computer software, write down optimal solution and optimal objective function value. Also write down the

Spatial value is transported to another place

I know temporal is being stored for later use which gains temporal value of the item and spatial value is transported to another place for consumption gaining spatial value

Positive change from indemnity insurance

Overall do you feel that managed care has been a positive change from indemnity insurance in America? Why, or why not? Many students in this course are planning for careers in

Explain vertical and horizontal linkages

Explain Vertical and Horizontal Linkages in your current or previous organization! Are/were there any pros and cons? What is meant by Informal Linkages? Provide a practical ex

Operating an insider trading operation

Stan is an investment manager. He has received money from various investors with a promise of very high returns on their investments. The invested money is not supplying enoug

Issues affect marketing objectives and marketing strategies

Discuss issues that should be considered in analyzing a small business' resources and opportunities. Explain how these issues affect marketing objectives and marketing strateg

Using one of those technologies-CRM-SCM and ERP

Using one of those technologies (CRM, SCM, ERP), find an industry/business or company that is currently using it. Explain the term and provide clear examples how the company i

Police-community conflict-perspective of social structure

Discuss police-community conflict from the perspective of social structure (social class, social statuses, achieved statuses, and roles), considering both police officers and


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