Environmental law is both federal and state-controlled

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Environmental law is both federal and state-controlled. Discuss the effect on state regulations if the federal government, through the Environmental Protection Agency, changes the standards for air pollution and carbon dioxide emissions.

Reference no: EM13991526

Practicing corporate social responsibility

The Unit 3 Discussion is designed for you to consider how a business might implement corporate social responsibility in their value chain. Put on your entrepreneur hat! Assume

Increase capacity by adding new machine

Fabricators Inc. wants to increase capacity by adding a new machine. Current sales volume is 50,000 units per year. The fixed costs for the machine are $150,000 and its variab

Highlight how the destination is focusing on this brand

Analyze the attractions of South Carolina. Using the content, draw conclusions about the focus of the DMO’s efforts. For example, every state has a travel guide and other item

Illustrate what effectiveness approach would you prefer

Assume you have been asked to evaluate the effectiveness of the police department in a medium-sized community. Where would you begin also explain how would you proceed. Illu

Booming on global e-commerce

According to the information, Latin America e- commerce forecast is growing to 200 percent. What country from Latin America, an emerging county, is booming on global e-commerc

Discuss the ethics of continuing to do business

Assume you are a manager of a large heavy equipment manufacturing company. Your company currently outsources the manufacturing of a specialized piece of equipment to a firm in

What is creative destruction

What is creative destruction? Is it inevitable? What are some of its important causes and how can they be mitigated? How can organizations be designed for discontinuity? Why i

What assumptions did you make regarding demand insolving

Demand for Sharp disposable razors at Chevere Drugs averages seven packages per day. The razors cost Chevere $0.80 per package and sell for $1.49. Chevere uses a 20% annual ho


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