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1. Burt's Bees founder Roxanne Quimby led the company toward a vision that corporate objectives and environmental and social ideals can harmonize. What management decisions at Burt's Bees are threatening the purity of that vision and how can Burt's Bees achieve its aspirational growth goals without distancing itself from the people, values and narratives that made it successful? **Based on course pack in Harvard Business Publishing

2. According to the introduction, bards (also known as griots and jeliw) “encouraged their patrons to achieve high goals by reminding them of the examples set by their heroic ancestors, as described in the epic narratives” (1514). Analyze one value of the Manding people that are found in the epic that would encourage readers to achieve higher goals. In your response, explain how the value is presented in the text and how it is still relevant today.

Reference no: EM132185077

Business ethics-alternative dispute resolution

Are the courts the best forum to resolve business disputes? Choose the forum that you believe is the best forum to resolve business disputes. Explain your reasoning for choosi

Aircraft maintenance errors result in aircraft failures

How and why does aircraft maintenance errors result in aircraft failures? As an aircraft manager, how can you better manage maintenance errors? and explain how better manageme

Statements is best regarding order winners

Which of the following statements is best regarding order winners? a. They persuade a company's customers to choose its product. b. They are the same in every market. c. They

Having authority guarantees specific command will be obeyed

The president of the company and the production department supervisor are staff positions. Because responsibility is an obligation a person accepts, there is no way it can be

Demonstrate the concept of derived demand

Using the steel industry as an example, demonstrate the concept of derived demand. Would derived demand for steel be more or less volatile than the demand for the end consumer

What law or laws did they allegedly break

Suppose you are a judge. A group of student-athletes have brought suit in your courtroom alleging that the NCAA has acted improperly in denying them fair market compensation f

Describe five of the major software components

List and briefly describe the two reasons given in your textbook for why developing software for wireless devices is challenging. Include and describe five (5) of the major

What about an environment like health care

Conducting an Environmental scan can be a long and cumbersome process. What about an environment, like health care, where change is seemingly constant and ongoing. How do you


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