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Think about impacts of earlier reform movements on your life today. How is it different because of earlier labor, feminist, civil rights, environmental, and educational or political reform movements? Consider some movements that are not too old as well, such as movements to reform drunk-driving policies, to create an awareness of domestic violence as a problem, to provide access for handicapped persons, or to change laws to prevent discrimination against gay people. When you start thinking about them, you should be able to think of quite a few. You probably experience these movement consequences in a mixture of positive and negative ways. Discuss these consequences. Respond to at least two of your classmates’ postings

Reference no: EM131127300

What do you think the arm represents in forgiveness

In Forgiveness by Rebecca Brown, the Antagonist makes a claim, that "it is not our acts, but our intentions that make us who we are"(Brown 3). What does she mean by this state

Continuous-review inventory system for a product.

A company uses a continuous-review inventory system for a product. The weekly demand of the product approximately normally distributed with a mean of 706 units and a standard

What are the five levels of user engagement

How do the reach and control of marketing communications in owned, paid, and earned media differ? Why must advertisers be concerned about both the effectiveness and efficiency

Find three current sales promotions

Find 3 current sales promotions, whether they be local, online, or catalog. What is the target behavior for each promotion? Then, for each sales promotion strategy, are there

Explain how many cakes should be prepared to maximize expect

A Las Vegas supermarket bakery must decide explains how many wedding cakes to prepare for upcoming weekend. Explain how many cakes should be prepared to maximize expected prof

New contract that you negotiate with labor will take affect

The new contract that you negotiate with Labor will take affect: A. Starting January 1st of the year after the negotiation B. Starting October 1st of the year after negotiatio

Some people equate values and ethics

Some people equate values and ethics. If you were a member of a group and you felt the group was making an unethical decision or one that conflicted with your values, what wou

Question on operations management

Find a business or organization, preferably one where you are working used to work, or know an employee or owner. (You can use anything such as retail or finance departments


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