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Create an entity-relationship diagram and design accompanying table layout using sound relational modeling practices and concepts. The relationships between the entities and the attributes for the entities will be described. This database will provide the foundation for the follow-on project. The subsequent paragraphs provide the background and summary of the business requirements.

You are a database consultant with Ace Software, Inc. and have been assigned to prepare a database for the Mom and Pop Johnson video store in town. Mom and Pop have been keeping their records of videos and DVDs purchased from distributors and rented to customers in stacks of invoices and piles of rental forms for years. They have finally decided to automate their record keeping with a relational database.

1. Evaluate and list your entities. Then explain fully the relationships between entities via pairs of sentences that shows the two components of the total relationship in both directions between the entities. Relationships may be unary, binary, or ternary with respect to entities. You could not have any many-to-many relationships.

2. Begin the database logical design by identifying the entities, relationships between entities, and entities' attributes. Use the same entity/relationship diagram (ERD) notation as used in class for entities, attributes, and relationships. Sketch your ERD by hand or a drawing program (e.g., Visio, PPT, SQL Modeler ...) on one single 8-1/2" x 11" page (8-1/2" x 14" maximum), labeled "Mom and Pop Johnson Video Store Database E/R Diagram." Your ERD could not have any many-to-many relationships between entities.

3. Complete the logical database design and start the physical database design by preparing metadata documentation) that describes the table(s) created from each entity and thecolumn(s) created from each attribute in the ERD. Attributes could be self-describing. Particular attention will be given to the proper specification of all primary key (via "PK") and foreign key (via "FK") columns in the table layouts. These could match your ERD exactly. Begin these descriptions on a page labeled "Proposed Database Tables and Columns based on E/R Diagram." All tables must be 3rd Normal Form. Shows any and all assumptions that were made.

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