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Minco Ltd, a large mining company, provides a superannuation fund for its employees. The fund's manager says: 'We know the mining industry well, so we feel comfortable investing most of the fund in a portfolio of mining company shares'. Advise Minco's employees on whether to endorse the fund's investment policy.

Reference no: EM132281235

Pecific factor model

Canada and Mexico. Suppose that Canada and Mexico produce two goods: timber and televisions. Assume that land is specific to timber, capital is specific to televisions, and la

Amount of broccoli citizens consume

Suppose that for health reasons, the government of the nation of Ironia wants to increase the amount of broccoli citizens consume. Which of the following policies could be u

How much of the tariff is paid by the buyers of the minivans

Suppose that a tariff is imposed on imports of minivans. Show graphically what the effect is in terms of price and quantity of imports. Be sure that your graph is completely a

What is the present worth of this purchase

You have decided to purchase a large screen TV and the Rent to Own store. The TV would cost $1,200 but you will be making payments of $150 a month for a year. Asuming your MAR

Long-run real interest rates are expected to increase

Long-run real interest rates are expected to increase. An accountant and an MBA student (who just finished his course of ) where interviewed regarding the effect on the firm t

The components of aggregate spending

In a certain economy, the components of aggregate spending are given by: C = 100 + 0.9(Y - T) - 500r I = 150 - 1,000r G = 200 NX = 50 T = 100. Given the information about the

How does economic darwinism explain management structure

How does economic Darwinism explain management structure? Why do government bureaucracies not adopt more efficient methods of management structure? Describe 5 common problems

Would they hire another employee or buy another copier

One months ago, they added five workers and productivity also increased by 50,000 pages. Copiers cost about twice as much as workers. Would you recommend they hire another em


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