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Minco Ltd, a large mining company, provides a superannuation fund for its employees. The fund's manager says: 'We know the mining industry well, so we feel comfortable investing most of the fund in a portfolio of mining company shares'. Advise Minco's employees on whether to endorse the fund's investment policy.

Reference no: EM132281235

Identify the type of anti-competitive behavior

Identify the type of anti-competitive behavior illustrated by each of the following: (also note the piece of legislation that declares this type of behavior as [potentially] i

Business efficiently using this economic principle

Economically, is it better to be a Jack or Jill of all trades or to specialize in production according to one’s comparative advantage and trade internationally? Provide an exa

What will be the nominal value of your investment

You have invested $15,000 at a nominal rate of 8%. What will be the nominal value of your investment after 15 years? If inflation averages 4% over the next 15 years, what will

Establishes quantity subsidy on consumption of a good

If the government establishes a quantity subsidy on the consumption of a good, it means that the consumer has to pay for each unity of the good its price minus the subsidy. Th

Demand and supply curves

Economics is the study of the principles governing the allocation of scarce means among competing ends when the objective of the allocation is to maximize the attainment of th

What is the labor force participation

In year 2013, the population of island I is 210, 000 people, of which 150,000 are aged 16 or older. Of this 150,000 people, 100,000 have jobs (50,000 do not). Find the employm

List six main objectives of public relations efforts

Write a four- to five-page paper that answers the following questions. List six main objectives of public relations efforts. Using a company that sells a product you purchase

What effect would this policy have on work effort

Suppose that currently the government provides everyone with a guaranteed income of $10,000 per year, but this benefit level is reduced by $1 for each $1 of work income. The g


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