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Minco Ltd, a large mining company, provides a superannuation fund for its employees. The fund's manager says: 'We know the mining industry well, so we feel comfortable investing most of the fund in a portfolio of mining company shares'. Advise Minco's employees on whether to endorse the fund's investment policy.

Reference no: EM132281235

What was the price elasticity of demand for this newspaper

A newspaper recently lowered its price from $0.50 to $0.30. As it did, the number of newspapers it sold increased from 240,000 to 280,000 (4 points) a) What was the price elas

Illustrate what will be total effect on m3 money supply

Illustrate what will be total effect on M3 money supply. Explain illustrate what steps can be taken by Fed to reduce M3 money supply in economy.

Wage increase growth in fixed costs or variable costs

In February 2015, Wal-Mart announced that it would increase the pay rate for all its lowest paid workers. Is this wage increase a growth in fixed costs or variable costs? Woul

Competitive low-price-high-output equilibrium

Jersey Imports, Inc., markets electronic devices imported from Thai producers. The company recently introduced an innovative and enormously successful 5 GB Joystick (computer

Assume oligopolistic competition between the two firms

There are two firms in an in an industry. Let q1 and q2 be the two firms in an industry and Q= q1 + q2 be the total output. The inverse demand in the industry if P (Q)= 45 – Q

Researcher reports an independent-measures t-statistic

A researcher reports an independent-measures t-statistic with df = 30. If the two samples are the same size (n1 = n2), and population variances are equal, then how many indivi

When recession due to decrease in aggregate demand occurs

When a recession due to a decrease in aggregate demand occurs, how can the Central Bank react? What does that reaction look like in the model? What are the long-run implicatio

Supply side economy

Describe the topic and the policy question; Provide statistical data that is relevant to a decision on the policy question; Then choose your position and defend it using the d


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