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Minco Ltd, a large mining company, provides a superannuation fund for its employees. The fund's manager says: 'We know the mining industry well, so we feel comfortable investing most of the fund in a portfolio of mining company shares'. Advise Minco's employees on whether to endorse the fund's investment policy.

Reference no: EM132281235

Explain how the interest rate affects money demand

"The term investment, as used by economists, refers to the purchase of bonds and shares of stock." "The demand for money does not depend on the interest rate because only bond

Radamels utility function

Let’s go back to better times for Radamel, before his injury. Remember he had a monthly allowance of $200 and an hourly wage of $50. Suppose that Radamel’s utility function is

Find autarky relative price of cars in economy

Assume that, in autarky (pre - trade), an economy has 150 workers and the MPLC is two cars and the MPLB is five boats. Find the autarky (pre – trade) relative price of cars in

Differences between firms and centrally planned economies

List three reasons that firms exist. Do any of the reasons imply that the command and control of centrally planned economies is the appropriate form? What are the similarities

Industries in simple economy producing commodities

There are two industries in a simple economy producing commodities x and y. Industry x produces with constant long run cost. The government levies a per unit tax on industry x

Showing consumption as well as investment expenditures

Use a simple circular flow diagram (closed, private model) to explain how GDP may be measured by Income (showing the factors and their corresponding incomes in the factor mark

Crimes per capital on the per capita size

Suppose that we are interested in the effects of police on crime using data from a random sample of US counties. We plan to regresses the county's number of crimes per capital

What is the change in imports-producer and consumer surplus

Home’s demand curve for widgets is D = 5000-20P, where D is quantity demanded and P is the competitive price. Home’s competitive supply curve is given by MC = 100 + S/10, wher


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