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Minco Ltd, a large mining company, provides a superannuation fund for its employees. The fund's manager says: 'We know the mining industry well, so we feel comfortable investing most of the fund in a portfolio of mining company shares'. Advise Minco's employees on whether to endorse the fund's investment policy.

Reference no: EM132281235

Current resources and prefer-ences of each person

Consider the following two economies, each of which has three people, Je?, Walter, and Maude. Below is a description of each economy, including the current resources and prefe

Calculate the per-unit tax

It's a specialized market, so we'll just have to assume we have enough buyers and sellers to have our demand and supply curves be straight, smooth lines. The following informa

Level of employment and the firms fixed costs are zero

Assume all markets are competitive, the product price is p = $2 per unit, the wage rate is w = $16 per hour and the firm's production function is q=E(36?E), where E is the lev

Assume purchasing power parity holds

Let US$4=MX$15. If inflation in the US goes up by 4%, and inflation in Mexico goes up by 6%, what do we expect the exchange rate to be in the next period? Assume purchasing po

Policy analysis market-prediction market for political event

After the September 11th attacks, one division of the Pentagon began to set up a Policy Analysis Market (PAM), a prediction market for political events in the Middle East. Sup

Having comparative advantage

Explain what "having a comparative advantage” at producing a particular good or service means. What does "having an absolute advantage” at producing a good or service mean?

Principles for the open world by don tapscott

Tapscott believes that social media is becoming social production and that the Internet is a global supercomputer--every time people upload content to this supercomputer, it

Local grocery store check-out line is uniformly distributed

The items per minute scanned at a local grocery store check-out line is uniformly distributed between 11 and 48 items. What is the probability that the items scanned per minut


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