Encouraging the development of cultural rituals

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1. As a cell phone marketer, how might you boost sales and usage by influencing cultural rituals and encouraging the development of cultural rituals? Provide examples.

2. Brainstorming is an essential tool in the identification step. But it can get off track easily. How would you keep it from getting out of hand?

Reference no: EM131414718

Encountered e-government in your life

What are some ways you have encountered E-government in your life. What are the advantages and disadvantages for you? What might be some advantages and disadvantages for the g

Describe the contract management practices at a current

Briefly describe the contract management practices at a current or former employer using terminology and concepts from chapter 14. Textbook: Purchasing and supply chain manage

What are the optimal solution and total profit contribution

The Porsche Club of America sponsors driver education events that provide high- performance driving instruction on actual race tracks. Because safety is a primary consideratio

Evaluate the various dimensions of marketing strategy

Evaluate the various dimensions of Pfizer’s Marketing strategy; Market segmentation and Positioning; Product/Price; Distribution; Trade advertising and Trade promotion; Person

Define direct intervention to change the value of a currency

Diirect Intervention. How can a central bank use direct intervention to change the value of a currency. Explain why a central bank may desire to smooth exchange rate movemen

Two alternative designs for increasing the lines reliability

A production line has three machines A, B, and C, with reliabilities of .99, .87, and .88, respectively. The machines are arranged so that if one breaks down, the others must

What are benefits of both types of segmentation strategies

Geographic and demographic segmentation strategies are two of the most common strategies for segmenting markets. What would be included in each? What are the benefits of both

The drop in gas prices benefited thousands of firms

The drop in gas prices benefited thousands of firms. Does the fact confirm that "external factors are more important than internal factors" in strategic planning? Discuss.


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