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Please read the enclosed hypothetical scenario and answer whether or not the casino's Motion to Dismiss for lack of personal jurisdiction will be granted. Please note that this assignment is less about your answer, and more about how you can explain your answer and apply the elements covered in class. Please use the "IRAC" writing method discussed in class as a template for your answer.

New Jersey passes a law that allows legalized online gambling. The law requires that only persons within the State of New Jersey may access the system, and requires that only internet accounts that can be verified within the State boundaries can access the gaming rooms. One casino is sued by Paul Peterson, a citizen of Pennsylvania. PP states that the casinos do not pay out at the percentage required by New Jersey law, and are therefore guilty of fraudulent conduct. PP played the casinos on a vacation to Atlantic City. He stayed in a room at the casino, which was given to him for free for his past gambling activity. He was told about the free room via a mailed advertisement sent to his house in PA. PP has sued the casino in Pennsylvania Court. The casino does not believe that the PA courts have personal jurisdiction in this claim.

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