Employment relations theory

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The main focus is on the state topic and the state theory and the perspective in employment relations ( have to discuss in relation to Japan and Thailand countries - which of this both countries is more pro-management and prolabour , explain why pro-management is anti-union and why pro-labour involve in the union ( have to relation to japan and Thailand - in the essay have to include the equal opportunity for employment and women in term of promanagement and pro labour - The discrimination and low pay in both countries ( relate to state topic and theory of state Over, this is what the tutor asked for : With an essay, the onus is on the student to come up with a reasoned, logical answer to the question posed. If there are ambiguities in the question or there are ambiguous or contentious terms in it, then you need to provide a reasonable interpretation of them.

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This is a research report in which research has been conducted on state theory related to employment relations. This research has been conducted taking Japan and Thailand into the centre and comparison made with respect to which country is more pro-labor and promanagement. Further this research report explained that why pro-management has been considered as the anti-union and why pro-labor is being considered as part of the union. This report further explains that how both these countries gives equal opportunites with respect to labour management for male and female also this report explain the extent of pay and discrimination in both the countries.

Reference no: EM131302749

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