Employment-population ratio measure

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What does the employment-population ratio measure? How does an unemployed person dropping out of the labor force affect the unemployment rate? How does it affect the employment-population ratio?

Reference no: EM131023296

Bls measure of the unemployment rate

What are the problems in measuring the unemployment rate? In what ways does the official BLS measure of the unemployment rate understate the true degree of unemployment? In

Problem regarding the economic expansion

Imagine that you own a business and that during the next recession, you lay off 10 percent of your workforce. When an economic expansion begins and your sales begin to incre

Forecasts of increasing sales of new homes

In 2012, Jeff Fettig, CEO of Whirlpool, based an optimistic forecast of his company's sales on forecasts of increasing sales of new homes in the United States. Explain why c

National bureau of economic research

The National Bureau of Economic Research, a private group, is responsible for declaring when recessions begin and end. Can you think of reasons the Bureau of Economic Analys

Period of relative macroeconomic stability

Briefly compare the severity of recessions before and after 1950. What explanations have economists offered for the period of relative macroeconomic stability from 1950 to 2

Effect of the business cycle on the inflation rate

Briefly describe the effect of the business cycle on the inflation rate and the unemployment rate. Why might the unemployment rate continue to rise during the early stages o

Federal government shifts from taxing

Savers are taxed on the nominal interest payments they receive rather than the real interest payments. Suppose the federal government shifts from taxing nominal interest pay

Should terri ronsin go along with the general managers

Should Terri Ronsin go along with the general manager's request to reduce the direct labor-hours in the predetermined overhead rate computation to 420,000 direct labor-hour.


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