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The role of HR in the 21st century is becoming increasingly vital. A significant claim in support of Strategic Human Resource Management is with regards to its contribution to the firm's competitive advantage. For HRM the main challenge is to ensure that the HR strategies genuinely support the business strategy and also that the employees' psychological contract is met. Evaluate these changing role in a real world organisation.


1 Theoritical Introduction of what is HRM

2. Theoritical Introduction what is SHRM and

3. Introduction of how the role of HR in the 21st century is becoming increasingly vital.

4. Introduction of the organization of our choice

Discuss how is the role of HR is aligning itself to the corporate strategy (in terms of growth, globalisations, stability strategy, cost leadership)


Choose 3 areas and discuss in detail on the existing processess and its efectiveness/non effectiveness in your current organisation. Is it in line with corporate strategy, environment/industrial stategy.

7. Critically analyse how Human Resource Management achieves competitive advantage and what factors limit Human Resource Management's ability to act.

Use the current organisational practices as reference.

· Challenges to lead the company to effective level.


8. Elaborate on the chosen 3 of the same areas on what HR strategies can be recommended in this organisation, to meet or exceed employees' psychological contract

· What strategies would you recommend for the future of this org

· What are the justification

· Why select this strategy for this org

· Factors/barriers


Include charts and diagrams for the HR current practices and future strategies.


Harvard Referencing format with both in-text and summary of references must be provided.

Reference no: EM13550

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