Employment discrimination be removed completely

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Should Title VII apply to every company, regardless of number of employees? Should race and color be permissible bona fide occupational qualifications or should the BFOQ exceptions to employment discrimination be removed completely?

Reference no: EM131232681

Determine the expected waiting time of customers on queue

We have a server whose service time is uniformly distributed with an interval of (10,20) minutes. The customer inter arrival time is also uniformly distributed with an interva

Delivery style based on cultural sensitivities

Code switching behavior is when you have to adapt your communication and delivery style based on cultural sensitivities. However, you have to ensure that you do not lose the e

Evaluating inductive arguments using generalization

“Evaluating Inductive Arguments Using Generalization”), various individuals come to various conclusions based on the evidence that they have from their own experience. Discuss

Write a brief scenario example of a unilateral contract

Write a brief scenario example of a unilateral contract. Write in paragraph format. Explain why/how your example above is a unilateral contract. Write your explanation as if y

Discuss the future growth and nature of wholesaling

Discuss the future growth and nature of wholesaling if chains, scrambled merchandising, and the Internet continue to become more important. How will wholesalers have to adjust

Compute the delivery cycle time for each month

Management has asked for your help in computing throughput time, delivery cycle time, and MCE. The following average times have been logged over the last four months: Compute

What exactly is a blog

What exactly is a blog? What are some ways that businesses use them? In your opinion, are blogs a legitimate source of information? Should they be allowed as quality sources i

Which is the last step in the guest purchasing model

Which of the following interpersonal channels uses sales reps to relay the message? Which of the following is NOT a practical guideline for an effective marketing message? Whi


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