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1. In your own words, what do you see as the challenges for human resources management in the near future? What issues do you see for the various generations (Millennials, Gen Y, Gen X)? Research and provide an example of a recent “generational” challenge/problem that occurred. How was this matter handled? Do you feel that this was handled properly and provide your recommendations.

2. Describe the problems related to social media in the work place and propose solutions on how a company could address these issues

3. What interests does an employer legitimately have in monitoring employees? Should employees enjoy a right of privacy in the workplace?

Reference no: EM132280756

Resulting in the loss or damage to your property

All of us turn our personal property over to the care of others--a dry cleaners, a parking lot, storage. Under what circumstances are the bailees (the holders of your goods) r

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Marketing strategy is often more evolutionary than revolutionary. But marketers caught offguard when major transformation hits may be blindsided by the competition. Trend watc

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The grievant reported to work more than an hour after commencement of his shift. He informed his supervisor that he had stopped by the residence of a friend the night before t

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Suppose the value of a loyal customer (VLC) market segment is high, should these customers be given premium goods and services for premium prices? If the VLC is low, should th

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Identify at least one area of consideration that new businesses face when beginning operations. Describe the obstacle. Explain how organizations can overcome the obstacle. Con

BWB benefits from way they formulate their mission-vision

In what way BWB benefits from the way they formulate their mission and vision? Do these mission and vision also create problems for the company? What should BWB do to be susta

Discuss the reconciliation process

Discuss the reconciliation process in regards to Christians from a psychology standpoint and a business one. How could it be actualized for a real- world situation? Please giv

Demand changes for process and mix of demand changes

The chapter focuses primarily on utilization. Explain what happens to utilization of resources as overall demand changes for a process, and the mix of demand changes. WHY is t


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