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1. In your own words, what do you see as the challenges for human resources management in the near future? What issues do you see for the various generations (Millennials, Gen Y, Gen X)? Research and provide an example of a recent “generational” challenge/problem that occurred. How was this matter handled? Do you feel that this was handled properly and provide your recommendations.

2. Describe the problems related to social media in the work place and propose solutions on how a company could address these issues

3. What interests does an employer legitimately have in monitoring employees? Should employees enjoy a right of privacy in the workplace?

Reference no: EM132280756

What is the minimum cycle time

What is the minimum cycle time? What is the maximum c ycle time? What is the calculated cycle time? What is the minimum number of stations needed? Show work on scanned she

What should be the test of satisfaction in this case

Stephen Muka owned U.S. Robotics. He hired his brother, Chris, to work for the company. His contract promised Chris $1,000,000 worth of Robotics stock at the end of the year “

Hiring and promoting

Hiring and promoting from within is often seen as a positive motivational tool. It can be argued that there is a negative side to this practice. Outline five potential negativ

Determine the coordinates of each corner point

As a part of quality improvement initiative, IBM employees complete a three-day training program on teaming and two- day training program on problem solving. Develop a mathema

Alternative pay structures-how person-focused pay program

From the e-Activity, determine how a person-focused pay program could benefit your current (or future) place of employment. Provide specific examples to support your response.

Foreign markets and competitive advantage possibilities

Summarize Proctor & Gamble operations in foreign markets and competitive advantage possibilities. Describe which method(s) has been used to enter foreign markets. How has P&G

Manage product with demand rate

You manage a product with demand rate of 1600 units per year. The fixed order cost is $10, and the variable purchasing cost is $4 per unit. You calculate holding cost at $0.80

Intentional infliction of emotional distress

Anthony Caruso lived in Mohican Historic Housing from 1998 to 2001, when he died. The Mohican Historic Housing Association was aware Margherita Del Core was Caruso’s next of k


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