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1. In your own words, what do you see as the challenges for human resources management in the near future? What issues do you see for the various generations (Millennials, Gen Y, Gen X)? Research and provide an example of a recent “generational” challenge/problem that occurred. How was this matter handled? Do you feel that this was handled properly and provide your recommendations.

2. Describe the problems related to social media in the work place and propose solutions on how a company could address these issues

3. What interests does an employer legitimately have in monitoring employees? Should employees enjoy a right of privacy in the workplace?

Reference no: EM132280756

Relation to the game of business with inputs-operations

The value chain components include the Inputs, Operations, Outputs, Marketing & Sales, and Customer Service. The value chain can be seen in relation to the “Game of Business”

Two ropes having tensions

Two ropes having tensions T1 and T2, support a uniform 100N beam and two weights. If the right weight has a mass of 25 kg and T1 has a tension of 500N, calculate the tension i

Religious dicrimination laws

Religious Dicrimination laws. In the law firm of Milton, Madden & Herman (“MM&H”), a request has been filed by two Sikhs to wear turbans. Although MM&H’s dress code does not s

Explain how a company might benefit from contract management

Explain how a company might benefit from the Contract Management Maturity Model. Can you suggest any viable reasons for a company's choosing not to conduct this assessment?

Importance of human resource management

In your own words, explain the importance of Human Resource Management (HRM) to any organization then determine a HRM function that interest you as a future career. Explain

Describe process problem that you have experienced

Identify and describe a process problem that you have experienced. Develop a cause-and-effect (fishbone) diagram to diagnose the possible causes of the problem. Make sure your

Mitchell beverage company produces cactus juice

Install security cameras in key locations throughout the warehouse. It has been  determined that six cameras could adequately record warehouse operations. Each camera costs $1

On-site lectures about history of place-cooking class

The Problem: The main problem is that Quest Specialty Travel needs to increase its revenue. They also need to improve their educational tours, which customers report are not v


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