Employees owe their employers loyalty and obedience

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Question 1"Employees owe their employers loyalty and obedience; therefore, they should never blowthe whistle." Discuss this statement by drawing on the arguments of De George andJames.

Apply to a case of your choosing.Question 2Identify the major accusations made against multinational enterprises in less developedcountries. Explain and evaluate De George's guidelines for multinational corporationsoperating in less developed countries.

Apply them to a case of your choosing.Question 3Explain and contrast the three theories of producer responsibility - contract theory, duecare theory and strict liability. Illustrate your discussion with reference to the tobaccoindustry or a case of your choosing

Reference no: EM131055405

What standard of review would apply

Bachowski then filed an action in a federal district court to order Dunlop to file suit to set aside the election. What standard of review would apply and what would Bachows

Do you agree with the restaurant

The restaurant's position was that because it did not sell the wine glass to Shaffer (only its contents), it was not a merchant with respect to the glass and therefore made

Pillars of the marketing code of ethics

Evaluate the company's past performance marketing their product using the six pillars of the marketing code of ethics (as set forth by the American Marketing Association) --ho

Explain the brand and the brand image

Choose a brand from this list (it must be different from one already chosen and discussed on the board. First come, first choice). Explain the brand (name, logo, other identif

Describe peter''s professional background and experience

Describe Peter's professional background and experience, and how he came to Vigor Skin Care. What was his goal when he accepted his leadership role at Vigor? Did Peter have a

Chauncey plants as a part of the initial conditions

Instead of scheduling daily train arrivals at Baker and Chauncey plants as a part of the initial conditions, discuss the effects of simply increasing the initial inventory

Discuss about the bystander effect

This problem related to Management and it discuss about the bystander effect. An example of a person who's having a heart attack across the street and a bystander's reaction

The carnegie approaches to decision making

What are the differences between the rational and the Carnegie approaches to decision making? What are the differences between the incrementalist and the garbage can models?


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